We are always buying as well as selling!!  Please click here to see our current list of items we are always looking for.  As you can see it includes much more than just toys so if you have anything you think we'd be interested in feel free to stop by and have us check it out!!

Diecast Cars

  • Hotwheels items from 1968 to 1975 including cars, track sets, and accessories.  Includes Rrumblers, Sizzlers, and Gran Toros.
  • Matchbox toys including regular wheels 1-75, Kingsize, and Superfast from 1968 to 73 only.
  • Topper Johnny Lightning cars and sets
  • Corgi, Dinky, Husky, Playart, etc. from the 70's and earlier.

Slot Cars

  • Aurora Thunderjets & AFX Magnatraction cars and sets

  • Tyco S, Tyco Pro, and early Tyco HP

  • Large scale cars (1:32 & 1:24)

Pressed Steel Trucks

  • Tonka

  • Buddy L

  • Nylint

  • Structo

  • Doepke

  • Smith Miller

  • Metalcraft

  • Keystone

  • Steelcraft

  • Turner

  • And many more

Toy Parts

  • All old truck and car wheels, grills, roofs, bumpers, etc.

  • Empty toy boxes

  • Pretty much any old toy, complete or not, that may have salvageable parts on it.

Miscellaneous Vehicles
  • Japan tin toy cars and trucks
  • Steel, wood, & plastic toy boats and toy outboard motors
  • Plastic dealer promo cars from the 1950's to the 70's
  • Toy airplanes (NOT radio controlled) made of tin, steel, or plastic
  • Tether car racers & control line toys
  • SSP cars by Kenner
  • Stompers trucks & vehicles
  • Cast iron cars and trucks
Other Vintage Toys
  • Plastic model kits (pre-1979)
  • Vintage Farm Toys
  • Evel Knievel figures & accessories
  • Marx playsets such as Fort Apache
  • Western Toys including Roy Rogers & Hopalong Cassidy items, Best of the West Series figures and accessories.
  • Early battery operated toys and tin windups
  • Space toys and robots
  • Pedal cars & tractors
Coin Op Items
  • Trade stimulators
  • Mechanical slot machines
  • Peanut and gumball machines
  • Soda and candy machines


Miscellaneous Oddities
  • Vintage racing memorabilia such as pictures, programs, posters, autograph cards, etc.
  • Vintage motorcycles, go karts, snowmobiles & scooters.
  • Vintage cars (1930's to 1970's) in either restorable or clean original condition.
  • Gas pumps, soda coolers, and other vintage gas station items.
  • Vintage fishing lures, reels, sporting goods including archery equipment and knives, and wooden duck/goose decoys.


We have an extensive buy list as you can see but we also have a list of what we are NOT interested in buying or selling so please do not contact with any of the following items:  anything made in the 1980's or newer, dolls or action figures, NASCAR diecast, building toys (tinkertoys, lincoln logs, lego, etc.), model trains, Fisher Price and toddler toys, GI Joe, Star Wars or Star Trek, board games, Pez, lunch boxes, comic books, marbles, and erector sets.